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Read on to discover all the different ways you can buy Bitcoin Cash at Xcoins.

Buy Bitcoin Cash using your Credit & Debit Card

At Xcoins, you can now buy your favourite cryptocurrencies safely and securely using your Visa or Mastercard in a straightforward and hassle-free process.

Advantages of Buying Bitcoin Cash With Your Credit or Debit Card

Buying Bitcoin Cash using your credit or debit card guarantees peace of mindMost card providers offer online card protections, such as 3D Secure, so that you can be sure you’ll be protected against theft, fraud or other forms of misuse.

Peace of Mind

Buying Bitcoin Cash using your credit or debit card guarantees peace of mind. Most card providers offer online card protections, such as 3D Secure, so that you can be sure when you buy crypto with a debit card or credit card you’ll be protected against theft, fraud or other forms of misuse. 

Instant & Efficient Delivery

When you use your debit or credit card to buy Bitcoin Cash, your order is reviewed and processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Buy Bitcoin Cash Via Bank Transfer

At Xcoins, we also offer our customers residing in the European Union and the United Kingdom the ability to buy Bitcoin Cash via bank transfer.


If you live in a European country, you can buy can buy BCH with no processing fees involved using SEPA bank transfer. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) allows anyone with a European bank account to send and receive payment in euros from banks anywhere within the eurozone.


Our customers based in the UK can buy Bitcoin Cash with Faster Payments bank transfers. Faster Payments Service (FPS) is a type of electronic bank transfer designed to speed up the process of sending money bank-to-bank in the UK. 

Advantages of Buying Bitcoin Cash Using Bank Transfer

Customers buying Bitcoin Cash using SEPA or Faster Payments bank transfer can benefit from no processing fees, especially when buying larger amounts of cryptocurrency.

No Processing Fees

Customers buying Bitcoin Cash using SEPA or Faster Payments bank transfer can benefit from no processing fees, especially when buying larger amounts of cryptocurrency.

Security Above All

No third-party payment systems or applications with simplified access means fewer possibilities for fraud when buying Bitcoin Cash via SEPA or Faster Payments.

Buy Bitcoin Cash Using Apple Pay & Google Pay

You can now buy Bitcoin Cash within moments at a tap of a button, anytime, anywhere thanks to Google Pay and Apple Pay’s innovative technology.

Advantages of Buying Bitcoin Cash With Apple Pay & Google Pay

Buy Bitcoin Cash at the tap of a button

Just load the app on your phone and buy Bitcoin Cash with one tap of a button. It couldn’t be easier!

Safe Transactions

Google and Apple’s technology allows safety to be the number one priority for every payment you do when buying Bitcoin Cash at Xcoins.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a branch of Bitcoin, also known as a fork. It was developed in 2017, and has its own blockchain. Since its development, Bitcoin has been hampered by slow processing times due to the size of the blocks, which are limited to 1mb. This meant that transaction times grew increasingly slower as Bitcoin became more popular, because the blocks couldn’t cope with the increase in transaction sizes.


BCH was developed in response to the frustration felt by many within the crypto world. It increased block size to between 8mb and 32mb, meaning that more transactions could be processed per block. The result is that much faster transfer times are available on BCH, and the transfer fees are cheaper than Bitcoin as well.


When you buy and sell BCH with Xcoins, you’ll benefit from these super-fast transaction times. This means you can transfer money worldwide almost immediately, and spend your cash with retailers all over the globe, with confirmation times taking a matter of minutes.

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Want to know how to buy Bitcoin Cash? It couldn’t be easier with Xcoins. Just follow these three simple steps:

Sign up for an Xcoins account if you don’t already have one. Simply upload your verification documents and we’ll open your account for you.

Check the Bitcoin Cash price, then choose how much you want to purchase. You can buy Bitcoin Cash with a debit card, credit card, SEPA/bank transfer, Google/Apple Pay or other payment methods (depending on where you live).

Once your payment has been accepted, you’ll receive your funds in less than 15 minutes.

How to Sell Bitcoin Cash?

You can also sell Bitcoin Cash with Xcoins by following the steps below:

Sign up, upload your verification documents, and open your account.

Select Bitcoin Cash under the “sell” tab and decide how much you want to sell.

We’ll send your cash to your debit/credit card or bank account within 15 minutes of payment approval.

Why Buy & Sell Bitcoin Cash with Xcoins?

Not only is it super quick and easy to buy and sell BCH with Xcoins, but we also pride ourselves on the security of our platform and our customer care.

Encryption technology

At Xcoins, when you buy and sell Bitcoin Cash, our secure platform will keep your data safe using the latest encryption technology. There’s no need to worry when using Xcoins to buy or sell – you can simply focus on getting the best Bitcoin Cash value possible.

Customer care

If you have any questions about Bitcoin Cash, we’re always happy to help. Our team is here for you 24 hours a day – just contact our Customer Support team with any queries.

Should I Invest in Bitcoin Cash?

Investing in Bitcoin Cash is a great idea if you’re looking for fast transactions. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain has bigger blocks than Bitcoin, meaning it can handle more transactions in a shorter time. As a growing cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash investing may also be a good way to put away money for a rainy day if you’re looking for a big ROI rather than money to spend immediately.

Where Can I Spend Bitcoin Cash?

What can you do with Bitcoin Cash? The good news is that many restaurants, airlines, gift shops, and travel service providers, as well as e-commerce retailers, let you use your Bitcoin Cash to make purchases. You can buy online with BCH in shops all over the world.

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How much Bitcoin Cash can I buy?

How much Bitcoin Cash you can purchase will depend on your account verification level. If you want more information on verification levels, please log in to your Xcoins account or contact Customer Support.

When will I receive my Bitcoin Cash?

Once your order has been approved, the transaction must be confirmed on the blockchain before you can receive the Bitcoin Cash to your wallet. This usually doesn’t take more than 10 minutes or so, although network delays can result in longer confirmation times.

How can I make sure my Bitcoin Cash is safe?

You can store your Bitcoin Cash in cold wallets (offline storage) or hot wallets (online storage). Cold wallets are generally safer, whereas hot wallets are more readily accessible. You should also make sure you keep your private key secure.

What payment methods can I use to buy Bitcoin Cash?

You can buy Bitcoin Cash with your debit or credit card, as long as they’re powered by Mastercard or Visa. SEPA bank transfer is available for customers living in the EU, while those resident in the UK can pay by Faster Payment bank transfer. We also offer instant transactions at a tap of a button using your Google Pay or Apple Pay.