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Who is Xcoins?

Founded in 2016, Xcoins has evolved into a leading crypto buying platform with a mission to make cryptocurrency available to all. As a licensed and regulated exchange, we are run by a global team of crypto enthusiasts, each contributing their extensive expertise in the industry.

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Our mission

The world of finance is changing and cryptocurrencies are currently trailblazing the markets. Our values of independence, fairness, and transparency are intrinsically found in everything we do. The freedom from traditional banking is here, so sign up to Xcoins now and join the revolution.

Our values

Transparency & security

Thanks to our Class 3 Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) License granted by Malta
Financial Services Authority (MFSA), you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with peace of mind.


Xcoins was created with the aim of bringing the versatility and accessibility of cryptocurrencies to each and every individual globally.

Tailored service

We love lending a personal touch to each and every transaction that happens on our platform. Our friendly 24/7 Customer Service team is always on hand to help.

The story so far…

Xcoins was founded by three crypto pioneers to fill a gap in the retail cryptocurrency market, giving customers the ability to buy and sell crypto instantly with their credit and debit cards.
Corporate headquarters moved to Malta to take advantage of the country’s cryptocurrency regulatory framework, allowing us to build a fully compliant entity, available to customers worldwide.
We received our Class 3 VFA license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) – one of the first cryptocurrency platforms to achieve this recognition.
Xcoins Payments was launched, allowing online businesses within the iGaming sphere to start accepting crypto payments from all over the world, converting cryptocurrencies into traditional currencies within seconds.
Trusted Globally Since 2016
Our service is trusted by 300k+ satisfied customers worldwide

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