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master card visa card apple pay google pay faster payment sepa
What is XRP and Ripple?

What is XRP? Ripple is a currency exchange system, remittance network, and real-time settlement system that’s faster, more scalable, and cheaper than other similar digital products. Ripple was established in 2012 by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb.

Ripple is a digital payment network (somewhat like SWIFT payment) that uses blockchain technology. It has its own cryptocurrency, XRP, which you can buy and sell through Xcoins.

Because it’s an open-source, decentralised platform, it’s incredibly safe and secure to buy and sell.  It allows much faster transaction times than Bitcoin, so your payments will be confirmed in seconds.


How to buy XRP

Step 1
Sign up for a free account
Sign up to Xcoins and upload your verification documents to open an account.
Step 2

Submit payment details

Check the real-time price of XRP and select how much you want to purchase. Choose your preferred payment method and complete the billing details.
Step 3
Receive your XRP
Once you’ve made your payment, we’ll send your XRP to your wallet within 15 minutes of payment approval.
Should I invest in XRP?
As one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, it’s definitely worth considering. It has a stable platform and transactions are very fast. The network has been steadily growing, so if you invest money in XRP now, you could be looking at a big return on investment in a few years’ time.
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Where can I spend XRP?
XRP is widely accepted globally. Some major online homeware shops, e-commerce stores and global travel agencies accept XRP as a payment option as well as several online entertainment sites and some electronics retailers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of XRP you can purchase depends on your account verification level. To find out more, please log in to your account or contact Customer Support.
You’ll need a crypto wallet to store your XRP. This could be an offline cold wallet (the safest option) or an online hot wallet (ideal for ease of accessibility). Make sure your private key is always kept secure.
Once your order has been approved, Ripple blockchain confirmations generally take no more than a few minutes to complete. Network congestion can, however, increase the confirmation time.
You can buy XRP with your debit/credit card Visa or MastercardSEPA bank transfer if you’re an EU resident, Faster Payment bank transfer if you’re living in the UK as well as instant transactions using your Google Pay or Apple Pay.