How do I get a verified Xcoins account?

When you sign up for Xcoins to start buying cryptocurrency, you will need to verify your identity.

How do I do this?

As you create your account, the last step in the process will ask you for your ID documents. These could be any of the following:
– Driving license
– National ID card
– Passport

You will also need to supply a selfie of yourself, holding up your ID, with a legible piece of paper with ‘Xcoins’ and today’s date written on it.

Please note: in some cases you may not live in the country your ID documentation displays. As long as your country of residence is a country or state (US) we serve, you should be able to use your ID documentation to open up an account with Xcoins.

Why do I need to do this?

This is standard practice across the financial sector and a requirement from regulators across the world. It’s a sign that you’re dealing with a legitimate company. If you use a site to purchase coins and are not asked to verify your identity, you should be very wary.

Does my ID have to match my country of residence?

It does not matter if you do not live in the same country as displayed on your ID documentation. As long as we can do business with your country of residence or US state, you should be able to use your ID documentation to open up an account with Xcoins.

What personal details do I need to give, to sign up with Xcoins?

Opening up a verified account with Xcoins is quick and simple.

1. Enter your personal details:
– First and last name
– Gender
– Date of birth (DOB),
– Full address

2. Verify your personal details
– Upload front and back of your chosen ID
– Take and upload a selfie of you holding your ID card and a piece of paper with ‘Xcoins’ written on it. Don’t forget to add today’s date.
– Submit the documents for verification

3. Wait for verification from Xcoins. This is normally completed in under 5 minutes.

Do you have any hints or tips for faster verification?

Checking what countries (states, if you’re a US resident) we serve. – Before you sign up, check the list of countries we operate in.

Tips on your ID document
– Please check here to see a list of ID documents Xcoins accepts
– Avoid glare in your photos by switching the flash off or removing it from direct light
– Make sure all four corners of your ID are in the photo, and that you’ve photographed both sides (front and back)
– Make sure that the photo and all text are clear
– We can only accept valid documents, so make sure that your document is within its expiry date

Tips on what personal information you can supply
– Your country of residence is the country you are currently living in
– Your nationality is the country shown on your passport
– We are unable to use a PO Box as an address – please make sure to use an actual address when you sign up
– Please note: If you live in a country that doesn’t use street addresses, such as the UAE, we can make an exception
– If you do not have a zip code, simply enter “NA” in the zip code (postcode) field

Tips on how to take the verification selfie
– Your selfie must be clear, so you may need to take a few shots to get it right
– Don’t forget that you need to show your ID document and a piece of paper that has “Xcoins” and today’s date written on it.

How can I make sure my ID verification goes smoothly?

To pass our verification process, you will need to provide a high-quality image of your ID.

Make sure that the image is:
– Clear and legible. Every piece of writing must be easy to read
– The portrait of the applicant is recognizable and matches the selfie you also submit
– In the original colors, with no editing used
– Not in black and white
– Taken in a properly lit setting

We do not recommend using a webcam, as they are normally poorer quality than a camera, smartphone, or scanner.

Why was my application to join Xcoins declined?

We’d like to apologize for not being able to accept you as a member of Xcoins.

If you tried to open an account with Xcoins and this was declined, it is usually due to one of the following reasons:

– We were unable to verify your identity
– Our risk management policy would not allow you to use our services

We have stringent rules to protect our customers and ourselves. If you have been declined, it is to ensure this continues to take place. Any decision by Xcoins is final, and we are unable to disclose the reasons behind it.

What ID can I use to sign up with Xcoins?

We accept the following documents as a form of ID:

For US citizens and residents
– US Passport (if applicable)
– Driver’s license
– State issued non-driver’s license ID card

For non-US citizens and residents of countries:
– International passport
– Government-issued national identity card, driver’s license, or permanent residence card

Please note:
– These must contain English/Latin letters
– We are unable to accept paper or laminated ID cards

Common documents which we do not accept include:
– Proof of age cards
– Arabic language national IDs
– College or University IDs
– Gym membership cards
– Transit IDs
– Paper or laminated forms of IDs
– Black and white IDs

How can I take the perfect selfie for verification?

When we ask for a selfie we simply mean a photo of you. This can be taken by yourself, or by a friend.

You will need three things in the selfie:
1. Yourself
2. Your ID card – see which ones you can use here
3. A piece of paper with the word “Xcoins” and today’s date clearly written

Things to remember:
– The piece of paper needs to be fully legible
– The whole date must be written out
– Your whole face needs to be showing
– You need to be holding the paper and ID yourself
– The photo must be clear

It might take you a couple tries to get it right! For more details about taking the perfect selfie, click here.

What do I do once my ID verification documents are submitted?

Our team works 24/7. If you’ve uploaded your documents for verification we start the process within minutes.

If you have not heard from us, feel free to reach out at [email protected].