How do I get a verified Xcoins account?

When you sign up for Xcoins to start buying cryptocurrency, you will need to verify your identity.

How do I do this?

As you create your account, the last step in the process will ask you for your ID documents. These could be any of the following:
– Driving license
– National ID card
– Passport

You will also need to supply a selfie of yourself, holding up your ID, with a legible piece of paper with ‘Xcoins’ and today’s date written on it.

Please note: in some cases you may not live in the country your ID documentation displays. As long as your country of residence is a country or state (US) we serve, you should be able to use your ID documentation to open up an account with Xcoins.

Why do I need to do this?

This is standard practice across the financial sector and a requirement from regulators across the world. It’s a sign that you’re dealing with a legitimate company. If you use a site to purchase coins and are not asked to verify your identity, you should be very wary.