Do you have any hints or tips for faster verification?

Checking what countries (states, if you’re a US resident) we serve. – Before you sign up, check the list of countries we operate in.

Tips on your ID document
– Please check here to see a list of ID documents Xcoins accepts
– Avoid glare in your photos by switching the flash off or removing it from direct light
– Make sure all four corners of your ID are in the photo, and that you’ve photographed both sides (front and back)
– Make sure that the photo and all text are clear
– We can only accept valid documents, so make sure that your document is within its expiry date

Tips on what personal information you can supply
– Your country of residence is the country you are currently living in
– Your nationality is the country shown on your passport
– We are unable to use a PO Box as an address – please make sure to use an actual address when you sign up
– Please note: If you live in a country that doesn’t use street addresses, such as the UAE, we can make an exception
– If you do not have a zip code, simply enter “NA” in the zip code (postcode) field

Tips on how to take the verification selfie
– Your selfie must be clear, so you may need to take a few shots to get it right
– Don’t forget that you need to show your ID document and a piece of paper that has “Xcoins” and today’s date written on it.