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santa riding rocket to the moon with bitcoin logo
Santa Rally Starts Early As Bitcoin Soars Straight Past $40K
December has kicked off with a bang as Bitcoin has surged past the psychological level of $40,000 – a price level not...
eth logo infront of computer servers and giant moon
Ethereum Turns Deflationary Again as Network Activity Spikes
Thanks to improved dApp metrics and renewed NFT dominance, Ethereum confidently surpassed $2,000 last week and has turned...
Doge dog in a rocket to the moon
Dogecoin Is Going to the Moon (Literally)
In a cosmic twist that captures the pioneering spirit of the crypto community, Dogecoin enthusiasts are preparing for an...
crypto analyst watching price charts, galactic artist's impression
Bitcoin Derivatives Fill Investors With Optimism
Investor sentiment remains high as Bitcoin defends its position above $34,500. Echoed by strong derivatives data, it appears...
People queue to exchange currency in Turkey
Bitcoin Hits All-Time High in Turkey, Nigeria, and Argentina
Who ever doubted Uptober? For the final full week in October, Bitcoin has pulled out the stops, extending to 2-year highs...
Spaceman looking at btc coin hovering above earth
Bitcoin Takes Aim at 2023 Peak as Dominance Puts in 2-Year High
As we approach the final week of ‘Uptober’, BlackRock’s tireless journey towards a Bitcoin ETF has set the crypto market...
Gold bitcoin network floating above earth
Are We on the Brink of a Bitcoin ETF Approval?
Could we see a Bitcoin Spot ETF within the next 6 months?  That is the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue...
chart btc blue in front of gold coin
Bitcoin Breaks Rektember Curse as Ethereum Futures ETF is Announced
Bitcoin has defied historical trends and surged by 4% to end the traditionally bearish month of September on a high note. ...
gold bitcoin in front of crypto price chart
Bitcoin Outperforms Stocks After Fed’s Interest Rate Pause
In comparison to stocks, Bitcoin demonstrated resilience last week as the Federal Reserve decided to maintain interest rates...
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